Rena is the founder of Vocal Authority, a training and development business created to serve corporate clients, including politicians, attorneys and CEOs who want to use their voice in more commanding and authentic ways.


Rena Cook is Professor Emeritus in the University of Oklahoma's Helmerich School of Drama where she taught voice, speech and dialects.




Reserve your space today for the Reclaim Your Authentic Voice seminar!
Saturday, October 22, 2016
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Fly Loft / 117 S. Boston / Tulsa, OK 


Your time with us was engaging and I was SO motivated by you and your energy. I believe what you did was the best I've seen since I've been involved with OJT. Your ability to move them (me) to laughter while you encourage self analysis and confidence... is simply amazing!!

            Dan Regouby, Filtration Group



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Testimonials for Professional voice and leadership training

“As the former Speaker Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, I quickly learned my voice had to have authority, but also authenticity, which can be a delicate balance.  I am familiar with Rena Cook’s work and its application beyond the theater.  The qualities she teaches for the stage are also relevant for business and politics.  She offers unique insight for improving communication skills.”

–Susan Winchester, President for Research Institute for Economic Development

“I knew actors understood some things lawyers didn’t. I sought out an acting teacher and found Rena Cook. Rena showed me that meaningful communication first started with me feeling the emotion myself before I could stir the emotion in others. She led me through specific exercises to help me reveal inner feelings we all associate with human experience. Rena helped me develop the skills I needed to be an effective communicator and connect with my audience in just a few words. I now know why President Reagan, the trained actor, was called the Great Communicator.”

–James R. Winchester, Justice Supreme Court of Oklahoma

My lungs were filled with gratitude as I gradually released the love during a brief appearance for a news blurb. Because of what I learned at your (TYPROS) presentation I humbly welcomed the opportunity to speak in front of a camera. I practiced as much as I could remember for the brief televised interview. I remembered to align my body, keeping my chin parallel to the ground, mindfully grounding my feet and did many rounds of the “4,7,8”   breathing exercise to relieve my nerves!

 -Wendelene Rios, Tulsa Young Professionals

 You said in Breath in Action, “authentic…breathing increases our ability to handle a higher charge of energy…”  Thanks to you, we are working with a high charge of energy at Texas Wesleyan, and we can handle it! Thank you so very much for bringing your boundless energy, your professionalism, and your joy to our students....We truly are still fully-charged and are breathing like we have never breathed before!  Students and faculty alike have expressed how much they enjoyed your work here, and how much they learned and are still exploring regarding breath and expression.  Our voice faculty and choral director are all enjoying your ideas and our students are applying the work in their individual practice.

 -Julie W. McCoy, Associate Professor in Voice, Texas Wesleyan University. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with OSA….I learned a lot, and am grateful for the techniques you showed us.  I am already seeing the results in the classes I teach.

 -Dick Alexander, Competitive Advantage With Technology

My goal was dialect reduction.  Rena’s instruction was fun, focused and achievable; even with in the short time frame.

  -Janet Hixson

I have purposely waited until now to thank you for your excellent session that you delivered to the John M. Campbell & Company on Wednesday. I have actively sought feedback on your voice training. Everyone I spoke with told me that they gained a considerable amount of useful information and found the session very enjoyable.

I train educators, instructors and facilitators all over the world. I was watching your technique on Wednesday, as well as learning about voice training. Your instructional technique was first rate.

Although we have not as yet determined who will need further voice training, (many that we are considering will be undertaking the voice exercises you introduced during your session and working from your CD) I will be watching developments and assessing various people's progress over the next few months.  I believe that we may need your
services in the future, although at this time I am unsure just who we may need to refer to you.

-Gerard A. Prendergast, John M. Campbell

The exercises and the stretches that she showed us are beneficial in making our voices more clear and our pronunciation of words are better.  I have gotten moments about how my voice has improved since I took the class.   The CD she gave us, if practiced from day to day, can be beneficial to our work environment because we are consistently on the telephone.  I have noticed that my throat is not as sore at night when I leave work because of the exercises that I use.  

-Jamie, Cherokee Nation Enterprises

Thank you, Rena, for your guidance, your mentorship, and your friendship. You have helped me to be a better director and teacher, much more than you realize!

-Laura H. Smith
Central Theatre Arts
San Angelo, Texas

Thank you so much for all the time and attention you gave my portfolio, and for your kind comments! I just about cried when I read your comment that me being a "non-theatre" teacher is inaccurate. It means so much to me to be seen as a theatre teacher. Thank you for believing in me, and for valuing the work I do. Your class was hugely influential to my process, and I can never thank you enough for that. 

 -Valerie Vollono 

I didn’t get a chance to say this in person yesterday, but I couldn’t let the thought go unsaid: your performance yesterday at 1 million cups was fantastic! Inspiring! Motivating! Everyone seemed incredibly receptive to you and your new project. Congratulations. 

 -Victoria McArtor, MUSED. Organization 

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this course. I have learned a lot and look forward to pitting these new ideas into practice. You bring such creative, positive and vibrant energy to each session. I am so appreciative of the thoughtful consideration you give to the curriculum. Combined with your passion for the subject, it has been an amazing course.

 Jessica Ferrerone, 





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